Postdoctoral Associates

Dima Abi Saab

Dima Abi Saab received her Ph.D. from New York University in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies in the Cultural Studies track. She is currently working on her book manuscript based on research conducted for her dissertation, Geographies of War: Scalar Containment, Municipal Politics, and the Making of Post-War Lebanon. Dima’s project engages with the politics of scale as a framework from which to examine the legislative, territorial, and social mechanisms involved in reclaiming territoriality and sovereignty with the collapse of the Lebanese state. She examines how sect-based militias created the blueprint for Lebanon’s post-war governmentality through the formation of quasi-autonomous archipelagos where militias governed through the formation of checkpoints, popular committees, and the provisioning of services. She thinks through the impact of specters of violence, the afterlives of visual politics, and the ontological experiences involved in navigating geographies of war, which centers municipalities as the site from which the governmentality of sectarianism is reproduced. Dima’s research and scholarship has been shaped by her engagement with municipalist networks from Minim Municipalism to the Urban Democracy Lab at NYU. Email:  

Jake Silver

Jake Silver is a cultural anthropologist who works with Palestinian astronomers, city planners, GIS experts, and activists to study the contemporary dimensions and volumes of Israel’s occupation. His work shakes our understandings of the sky as a stable environmental object and instead approaches how politics and political conflicts bring it into being, creating multiple skies that we each experience differently. In so doing, he hopes to offer new frameworks for grasping colonial settlement that best address its reaches and contours (sometimes far above our heads) today. Email: