Past Seminars

Each year, the Center for Cultural Analysis sponsors an annual research seminar and provides fellowships to faculty members, graduate students, and postdoctoral associates whose work complements that year’s theme. Since its inception in 1986, the CCA has housed more than 400 scholars, providing institutional support that has made possible the publication of hundreds of peer-reviewed books, articles, and dissertations.

2019-2020 Seminar: The University and its Public Worlds
2019-2020 Post-doctoral Fellow Symposium
2018-2019 Seminar: Classification
2017-2018 Seminar: Medical Humanities
2016-2017 Seminar: Arts & Aesthetics
2015-2016 Seminar: Archipelagoes
2014-2015 Seminar: Totality
2013-2014 Seminar: Objects and Environments
2012-2013 Seminar: Formalisms
2011-2012 Seminar: Public Knowledge: Institutions, Networks, Collectives
2010-2011 Seminar: The Everyday and the Ordinary
2009-2010 Seminar: Evidence and Explanation in the Arts and Sciences
2008-2010 Seminar: New Cosmopolitanisms
2008-2009 Seminar: New Media Literacies
2007-2008 Seminar: Mind and Culture
2007-2008 Seminar: Historical Poetics
2006-2007 Seminar: Ideas of the Archive
2006-2007 Seminar: Cultures of Circulation
2005-2006 Seminar: Symposium for Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies
2005-2006 Seminar: Intellectual Property Across Old and New Media
2004-2005 Seminar: Chance
2003-2004 Seminar: Citizenship
2002-2003 Seminar: Objectivity, Ethics, and the Disciplines
2001-2002 Seminar: The Performance of Culture
2000-2001 Seminar: Secularism
1999-2000 Seminar: Beginnings and Endings
1998-1999 Seminar: The American Century in the Americas, 1898-1998
1997-1998 Seminar: The Aesthetic
1996-1997 Seminar: Ecologies: Rethinking Nature/Culture
1995-1996 Seminar: Cultures and Politics of Reproduction
1994-1995 Seminar: Environments in the Public Sphere
1993-1994 Seminar: Localities: Politics, Place, and Cultural Change
1992-1993 Seminar: Transnationalism: Politics, Economics, Cultures
1991-1992 Seminar: Science, Technology, and Culture
1990-1991 Seminar: Contested Cultures
1989-1990 Seminar: Remaking History
1988-1989 Seminar: Constructions of the Self
1987-1988 Seminar: The Idea of Law
1986-1987 Seminar: Interdisciplinarity