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  • The Black Commons
  • September 22, 1:10 - 3:10 pm
  • Real-world events and recent developments in social thought have inspired a renewed interest in the Black Commons.  This mini-conference seeks to push this developing conversation farther.  Among the questions to be considered: how does the land-based legacy of the Commons in Euro-American thinking articulate with the notion of “Black Study” defended by Harney and Moten in The Undercommons?  Must the spatial imaginary of the Commons be abandoned, or can it be modified to account for our Anthropocene present? What of concepts of possession, dispossession, and self-possession?  How does the reality and legacy of chattel slavery and toxic stewardship modify the concept of enclosure?  How do patterns of movement and migration intersect with the rootedness (conceptual and/or actual) that has been central to imaginaries of the Commons?  What life remains in the ideal of anti-capitalist collective ownership?

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