Andrés Zervigón

Zervigon pic 51a19 99363This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is a Professor in the Department of Art History at Rutgers University. He specializes in the history of photography and concentrates his scholarship on the interaction between photographs, film, and fine art. His first book, John Heartfield and the Agitated Image: Photography, Persuasion, and the Rise of Avant-Garde Photomontage (2012), uses the case of Heartfield to propose that photography’s sudden ubiquity in illustrated magazines, postcards, and posters produced an unsettling transformation of visual culture that artists felt compelled to address. His current book project, “Die Arbeiter-Illustrierte Zeitung -- The Workers' Illustrated Magazine," 1921-1938: Germany's Other Avant-Garde, expands this discussion beyond Heartfield to the mass-circulation magazine in which he published his most famous pictures. He has co-edited Photography and Its Origins (2015), a collection that reflects the medium's beginnings in critical and historiographical terms, and he is co-editing Photography in Doubt, an anthology investigating photography's history as a fraught and contested means of representation. In 2008, he co-founded "The Developing Room,” one of the working groups here at the Center for Cultural Analysis. This group promotes interdisciplinary dialogue among members of the Rutgers community whose research and teaching engages with the histories, theories, and practices of photography.