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  • From the Genome to the General Assembly: Cooperation and Conflict Across Domains
  • Day 3
  • November 4, 2022
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  • LOCATION: Teleconference Room, Alexander Library, 4th floor, 169 College Avenue

  • 4th Lembersky Conference on Human Evolutionary Studies

    Whenever individuals work together toward shared goals, cooperation is the result. This is true whether those individuals are genes, cells, microbes, people, corporations, or nations. Among humans, cooperation occurs at levels ranging from families and friends to communities, markets, corporations, states, and, via both trade and international organizations, the entire world. Despite the ubiquity of cooperation and its importance for the healthy functioning of organisms and societies, only recently has a transdisciplinary science of cooperation begun to emerge. The purpose of this conference is to further the development of a transdisciplinary science of cooperation.


    9am: Breakfast

    10am: Elizabeth Matto (Rutgers): A shared responsibility: the theory and practice of teaching civic engagement

    10:30am: Diego Guevara Beltran (Arizona State): The perceived (un)predictability of needs determines expectations of repayment

    11am: Coffee break

    11:30am: Barry Sopher (Rutgers): Opportunities for gains from cooperation in non-ergodic stochastic environments

    12noon: Richard Sosis (Connecticut): Religion and cooperation: a systematic approach

    12:30pm: lunch

    1:30pm: Victoria Ramenzoni (Rutgers): Commons and the supernatural: navigating multidimensional maritime spaces and property rights

    2pm – 3pm: Discussion

    Co-sponsored by the CCA Working Group Cooperation Across Domains