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  • What is the Ancient World?
  • October 1 at 1PM—2:30PM
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  • Join us for our first meeting, which will include the opportunity for all participants to introduce themselves, as well as group discussions of our goals and central questions, such as: 
  • What are the definitions of “ancient” that scholars employ?

    How widely, in terms of geography and time, can those definitions be employed?

    What are the impacts of them on global periodicities as well as disciplinary periodicities?

    Why are definitions, notions, and the implications of “ancient” worth exploring?

    Why have we valued the ancient?

    How does “ancient” get implicated in teleology?

    What are the politics of the “ancient”?

    The working group aims to bring together people from across the University—all relevant fields, all campuses—to explore how we can best work to anticipate and benefit from current and future changes in the way people learn about, teach, and research the ancient world. We look forward to seeing you! Debra Ballentine (Religion), Serena Connolly (Classics), Victoria Hodges (Classics), and Jeff Ulrich (Classics)