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  • Touch / Teach: studying books in an unfinished pandemic
  • November 18, 2021 4:00pm
  • What ways of teaching have we invented or reinvented after a year of hands-off reading (for those of us lucky enough to be working or learning remotely) and hand-to-hand transmission (for those essential workers who packed, trucked, sold or lent books)? How has the reading, making, repurposing, circulating and banning of books shaped and responded to police violence and border crises? What pedagogical genres (discussion prompt, field trip, kit, handout, questionnaire, network, reading-list…) are worth experimenting with at a time of precarious labor and environmental devastation?
  • Matthew Kirschenbaum (Professor of English and Digital Studies, University of Maryland)

    Kari Kraus (Associate Professor in the College of Information Studies and the Department of English, University of Maryland)

    Priyasha Mukhopadhyay (Assistant Professor of English, Yale)

    Jonathan Senchyne (Associate Professor of Book History and Print Culture, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

  • Register in advance at https://rutgers.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAkdO-rrj0oGtZuQ6i_TQD6xU1P2XtsUdXa