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Center for Cultural Analysis (CCA)

Profane Illuminations: Digital Passages within Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project


From: Friday, March 01, 2019, 12:00pm

To: Friday, March 01, 2019, 02:00pm

Profane Illuminations: Digital Passages within Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project with Sarah DeMott (NYU)


Sponsored by the Urban Humanities Working Group.


Walter Benjamin's The Arcades Project has long been applied as a text to interrogate the city through the architectural structure of the arcades as a symbolic space of the public life happening within the interior of the city, a site for comparative urban existence linking Paris, Naples, and Moscow, and a reference for the evolution of contemporary commercial centers and shopping malls. In addition to referencing architecture and urban design, The Arcades Project has become a lexicon for use when considering how urban life is defined. Benjamin's thirty-six convolutes represent key terms in the study of urbanization. This paper performs a computational analysis of The Arcades Project as a way to read Benjamin's critique of modernization, labor, and urbanization in 19th-century Paris. Through the green lens of the computer terminal, the city emerges as a digital passageway allowing us—Benjamin's readers—to approximate our existences to those populating the phantasmagorical city that his Passagenwerk animates. 


Academic Bldg West Wing, Room 4052
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