Past Seminars

Bakary Diaby

DiabyCroppedBakary Diaby is a PhD candidate in the Rutgers English Department specializing in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with a specific focus on Romanticism and Continental Philosophy. His research interests include cognitive science, social theory, poetics, and the relationship between the Enlightenment and contemporary critical theory. As a fellow at the Center, he will be further developing his dissertation, tentatively titled “Sensing Meaning: Vulnerability and the Aesthetic in the Romantic Age.” Detailing the evolution of the concept of “aesthetics,” the project revalues Romanticism’s “aestheticization of the world” by examining the role vulnerability played regarding gender, poverty, and slavery. Bakary is eager to participate in interdisciplinary dialogue on “Arts & Aesthetics,” matters of renewed concerned in our present moment.

Areas of Interest: Romanticism, eighteenth-century British and German philosophy, poetics and aesthetics, cognitive science, sociology and social theory, and contemporary critical theory.