2023 Politics of Scale

  • The Politics of Scale
  • March 3, 2023

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Keynote speaker: Lisa Hajjar (UC Santa Barbara, Dep. of Sociology)

Part of the 2022-2023 Annual Seminar: Scale: A Seminar in Urban Humanities


Conference Schedule

Coffee and Welcome
Room: AB2400

“Scale and Comparative Colonialism”
Participants: Dr. Lou Cornum and Dr. Maysam Taher (Both at NYU, Dep. of Social and Cultural Analysis)
Room: AB2400

12:151:00: Lunch
Panera boxed lunch on 6th floor of Rutgers Academic Building

“Translating Scale”
Participants: Lina Mounzer (Writer and Translator) and Dr. Samah Salim (AMESALL, Rutgers U.)
Room: AB 4052

Coffee Break
AB 6th floor

“Ecological Scales”
Participants: Dr. Julie Livingston (NYU Dep. Social and Cultural Analysis) , Dr. Jerry Zee (Princeton University, Dep. of Anthropology), Dr. Teona Williams
Room: AB 6051

Keynote Address by Lisa Hajjar (UC Santa Barbara, Dep. of Sociology), “Legislative Scales”
Zimmerli Art Museum

6:00 -  7:00: Reception (Food & Drink)
Zimmerli Art Museum

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