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2017-2018: Medical Humanities

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The Medical Humanities is an evolving field in which scholars, artists, and writers explore the relationship between culture and society, on the one hand, and medical science and institutional practices, on the other. A growing body of research in this area examines the experience of embodiment, health, illness, and medical treatment as a question rather than a given.

In this seminar, scholars from a wide range of disciplines—Art History, Communication Studies, Disability Studies, English, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s and Gender Studies—will explore what is possible when the realms currently governed by “the medical” and “the humanities” are allowed to intersect and overlap.

Topics will include health and illness of the mind and body; the visual representation of bodies in art and medical imaging; theories of care and disability; the contemporary anti-vaccination movement; race and biological citizenship; and global and local women’s health. Over the year, we will ask whether there are core questions at the heart of the medical humanities and consider, as well, the role of the field in the academy.

Please join us for Inter/Dependency: A Symposium on the Medical Humanities
Thursday, April 19, 2018
10:30am - 5:00pm
Academic Building West, Room 6051
15 Seminary Place, New Brunswick, NJ

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   Call for Proposals: Seminar Topics and Working Groups

 We invite you to propose topics for the annual research seminar at the Center for Cultural Analysis, or to propose a Working Group at the CCA. Please see the linked documents for details.  We must receive proposals no later than Friday, April 13, 2018 by 5:00 PM. 

 CCA seminars may be convened on any topic, with the proviso that the work of the seminar focus on a problem of major importance to the academy that is situated at the intersections among the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The research seminar is the primary focus of the CCA’s annual activity and is led by one or two faculty from within Rutgers, at least one of whom must be located on the New Brunswick campus. The seminar is constituted by five additional faculty fellows from any campus in the Rutgers system and by five graduate fellows, as well as by two postdoctoral associates chosen from an international application pool. Faculty leaders and fellows each receive a single course release from teaching, to be taken during the duration of the seminar. Graduate fellows receive a full year of funding, plus health insurance to support their dissertation work. 

 Working Groups may be convened on any topic, with the expectation that the work of the group will be interdisciplinary in focus and at a preliminary stage of inquiry. Working Groups must be led by faculty, at least one of whom must be located at the New Brunswick campus; successful groups typically also include active graduate students, who may form part of the organizing leadership. Groups are supported for a period of one to three years. The CCA supports multiple Working Groups at any given time, providing funding for materials, speakers, and small-scale colloquia, as well as administrative support, publicity, and the use of CCA facilities.

Call for Seminar Topics
Call for Working Groups

2017-2018: Medical Humanities Events

31 Jan 2018, 01:10PM - 04:10PM
CCA Fellows Lisa Mikesell and Nick Allred
14 Feb 2018, 06:00PM - 08:30PM
Public Lecture with Alfredo Jaar: "It Is Difficult"
28 Feb 2018, 01:10PM - 04:10PM
CCA Fellows Louis Sass and James Walkup
21 Mar 2018, 01:10PM - 04:10PM
Mark Reinhardt, Williams College CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER
04 Apr 2018, 01:10PM - 04:10PM
CCA Fellows Catherine Lee and Carla Cevasco
18 Apr 2018, 01:10PM - 04:10PM
CCA Fellows Louise Tam and Hilary Buxton
02 May 2018, 01:10PM - 04:10PM
Johanna Schoen, Rutgers University


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