2017-2018: Medical Humanities

Lisa Mikesell

Mikesell headshot croppedLisa Mikesell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication. She investigates the communication and social practices used to negotiate interactions in a variety of health and mental health contexts. Her work consists of three intertwining threads. The first examines the situated interactional practices of individuals diagnosed with neurological and psychiatric disorders and their carers in community contexts to provide a grounded perspective on competence, everyday functioning and patient engagement. Examining individuals’ involvements in community contexts informs the second thread of her work, which identifies best practices in clinic contexts, providing an ecologically sensitive lens on applications of patient-centeredness, shared decision-making and the use of decision support strategies in clinic communication. The third thread highlights patient engagement in the collective sense by exploring the practices, perceptions and ethics of community-engagement and community-based participatory research (CBPR) in public health research. Collectively, her work informs our understanding of best practices, intervention development and implementation and contains a strong applied component, particularly to inquiry in health services.

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