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Isabel Guzzardo TamargoIsabel Guzzardo Tamargo is a doctoral candidate in the Graduate Program of Literatures in English at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Her dissertation explores how contemporary queer Caribbean literature deploys marronage as a tactic that challenges the archipelago’s state of indebtedness and non-sovereignty. The writers she studies consider maroon communities sites of creative inspiration and political interrogation. Here, maroon tactics inform bodily and erotic tactics, which Isabel calls erotic marronage. Practiced by women and femmes, erotic marronage consists of political actions where pleasure is central. This term adopts Yarimar Bonilla's understanding of marronage as strategic entanglement with systems of power or as "crafting and enacting autonomy within a system from which one is unable to fully disentangle." Isabel extends Bonilla's understanding of marronage to include an erotic and queer practice where women and femmes of color thrive, even as they strategically entangle with hegemonic, colonial, misogynoir structures. In other words, these writers and artists depict women and femme maroons who forge safe havens while deriving pleasure from complex engagements with oppressive structures.